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I've been working with the Natamari team since 2019 and I couldn't be happier to collaborate, work and share experiences with such an outstanding and awesome team! On the work side, they're just exceptional, reliable and always available to manage and contribute with their valuable insight and vision. I learned a lot from them. On the personal side, they're just lovely and caring, which makes the work a lot more fun. I can't stress enough that this isn't an exaggeration, it's just who they are.
Thiago Taniguchi,
Creative & Agency Director,
Moskito Design S.r.l.
We had applied for an audit of the company’s marketing strategy, but eventually received way more than expected. As a result, after the first stage of work, i.e. the audit and the new promotion strategy development, we abandoned our inner marketing department and outsourced all decisions to the team, including the right to engage vendors, hold tenders and purchase software. Ultimately, together we have not only adjusted external promotion, but also rebuilt business processes inside the company giving top priorities to our patients. I’d like to note that the team always does a bit more above their duties and is guided not by fancy reports but by the real business result.
Igor Gavasheli,
co-founder, CEO of a medical clinics chain
I'd like to express appreciation to the team that takes part in nearly every project of the Revitonica school — from creating posts for social media to writing books and scientific papers. Thanks to the well-coordinated and highly professional work of the editors, we make complex scientific information as clear as possible to any person without medical education. During our cooperation, we have released 10+ training programs, 60+ lectures, 300+ posts, one popular science book, and yet another one is about to be published. The team does a great job and completes all tasks in time. And I especially appreciate their friendly manner of communication and loyal attitude to edits.
Anastasia Dubinskaya,
founder, Revitonica Rejuvenation Academy
For the first time in my working experience I can’t call the agency I’ve been working with just a “vendor”, as Natamari team was so much involved in all the internal processes, operational details and business updates. I appreciate their proactiveness to create the collaborative processes between them and other agencies, which in the end of the day helped to minimize our involvement in some tasks and helped us to concentrate on something more important. eBay team has been working with Natamari for quite some time, and though sometimes it was really tough: ALL the challenges were accepted, ALL the deadlines were met, And the quality of the final result has always been the BEST.
Maria Tyurina,
Head of Seller Success, eBay IL
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